Your LightI work with women to ignite their inner spark, reclaim their gorgeous bodies and unleash their radiant essence.

Or in other words, to expand into the fullest expression of themselves and move forward in deep alignment with who they really are.

I’m incredibly passionate about this work because I know what it’s like to be consumed by worry and anxiety, completely disconnected from my body and more in touch with others’ opinions and expectations than my own.

I hated my body for about twenty years, during which time I regularly starved myself on torturous low-calorie spinach-and-processed-ham-only kind of diets. (You name it, there isn’t a diet I didn’t try). I battled clinical eating disorders and paid no attention to any signals from my body. I couldn’t find my voice to say no to things I didn’t actually want to do with men.

I looked in the mirror and felt ashamed at what I saw Every. Single. Day.

I wasn’t doing much better on the confidence and anxiety front either. I doubted myself ALL. THE. TIME. I worried that my best friends secretly hated me. I apologised incessantly. And I had this weird coping mechanism where every time I said or did something I thought was stupid, I would visualise putting a gun to my head. At my lowest I was metaphorically shooting myself thirty+ times a day.

And not because I hadn’t worked on it. During my early twenties I saw a psychologist weekly, read every self-help book I could get my hands on and did a sh*tload of healing and processing. It worked, to a point. I managed to recover from clinical depression and obsessive compulsive disorder in that time. (As you may have gathered, I’ve been blessed with the full smorgasbord of mental health issues ;))

So after loads of work I was feeling a bit more confident sometimes and I didn’t completely hate my body. Progress ?! …


It seemed that one day I’d be able to finally beat this confidence thing and learn to love my body if I worked really, really hard; processed all of my past experiences; remembered and implemented a million techniques; and was EXTREMELY VIGILANT with correcting all of my thoughts.  So I kept laboring along and reciting my 100 affirmations per day and engaging every type of practitioner under the sun to try to crack the confidence code.

Thankfully at some point along the way I stumbled across some deeper truths that changed everything.

I began to realise remember that we all have innate wellbeing and wisdom within us. Always. Even when we can’t see it or it feels very far removed from our current state. That whatever we’ve been through there’s a place deep within us, our own internal safety net, that remains untouched and undamaged.

Suddenly I wasn’t broken. I didn’t need to be fixed.

I came to see that confidence and body acceptance and mental health are not things to find or get but to uncover.

And as I began to come home to my body, to listen to her rather than commanding her, to honour her wisdom, to live FROM her rather than just in her …

I unearthed the incredible, wild feminine power that lives within us all. 

That deep feminine energy that allows us to show up fully in the world, radiating our unique essence, in deep alignment with who we really are.

It’s now my passion, privilege and joy to support women around the world as they walk the path of inner wisdom, wild feminine power and body reclamation.

I’d love to be your wayfinder/spirit sister/travel companion on your own journey.

Find out more about working together here.

The fine print

  • I trained at the Coaches Training Institute, the world’s largest coach training institution, and studied positive psychology at City University in London
  • I’ve studied with some of the world’s leading three principles practitioners including Aaron Turner, Nicola Bird, Jack Pransky and Gabriela Maldonado
  • I’m also a Leadership Coach at global coaching consultancy Talking Talent. In this role I support organisations to progress their talented women, and I work with women to meet motherhood and leadership transitions with ease and grace

The fun stuff

  • I started my professional working life as a corporate lawyer. I left when I just couldn’t take the Sunday night comedown anymore, and spent the next several years searching for this, my dream career
  • Eating a ripe, fragrant, plump Australian mango with juice running down my fingers is my idea of heaven
  • Happiness right now is walking in the bushlands near our house with my partner next to me and baby girl strapped to my chest
  • My primary school captain campaign slogan was ‘With Jess you’ll be Heading in the right direction’. How’s that for prophecy?! 🙂
  • I’m a total magpie when it comes to collecting beautiful big statement necklaces
  • I’m an unlikely marathoner having completed the London marathon to raise money for Beat, an eating disorder charity