New year, same glorious you

It’s that time of year where we’re being blasted with the whole ‘new year, new you’ BS. Not that I don’t love the sense of freshness and possibility that we tend to feel at this time of year.

But not all resolutions/intentions/goals are created equal! Here are some clues when they aren’t likely to stick:

  • A line in the sand has been drawn for sometime in the future after which everything will be different (always the first of the month or a Monday, right?!)
  • You’ve planned a strict process or system to achieve said goal
  • You’re convinced your life will be so much better once you crack this thing
Those types of resolutions rely on white-knuckle willpower, and we only have a finite amount of that. 

Insight-driven change, where we change not because we’ve forced ourselves into temporary behaviour modification but because we see something new and different about our particular challenge – THAT’S the change that sticks. Genuine, lasting transformation instead of the ‘this-time-nothing-can-stop-me’ fallacy.

We can create conditions for insight-driven change by:

  • Resisting the urge to make grand plans for tomorrow and instead acting from our inner knowing today, in this moment. Using our powerful inbuilt compass rather than someone else’s road map.
  • Knowing that the fewer kilos, better job or more money, actually have zero impact on our overall set point of happiness and inner peace. (This has been repeatedly documented in studies on lottery winners). It’s an inside-out job. What we’re seeking is already within us!! And we don’t have to change anything about our behaviour or circumstances to feel completely differently about ourselves and our lives.

Remembering that frees us up to play and experiment with taking action and creating for the sheer FUN of it. Because we’re spiritual beings on a human roller coaster and how freaking awesome is that!!!

We can play this game of life full out, knowing that everything that truly matters can never be won or lost.

May your year ahead be full of play, adventure and exploration. If I can support you on the journey I would love to hear from you.

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