Let’s rise

Having felt raw and grief-stricken this week, I can only imagine how those living within the US are feeling right now. Angry, devastated. And so very full of fear. Coping with the trauma as best they can in whatever way works.
For those of us who are allies and friends in Europe and Australia and across the world, it feels to me that our role is to rally. To reach deep into our hearts and souls and find the hope that those closest to the fire might not yet be able to see.
To use this devastating wake up call not to lament and worry and fixate but to drive us to action.

Reaching out to friends in the US and letting them know we’re here to vent, cry and laugh with. Being a voice for love and connection on social media, going against the grain of doomsday headlines. Learning about the ways we unconsciously contribute to racism or misogyny or any form of discrimination through the language we use (we almost all do). Performing anonymous acts of kindness for strangers in our own communities, with no agenda except to remind each other that humanity is alive and well. Volunteering at a local refugee centre. Calling out hate when we witness it. Campaigning for change on LGBTI rights (Australia I’m looking at you!)

There’s staying informed and then there’s rubbernecking. It’s not enough to be appalled and outraged. Allow yourself time to move through the shock, and then make a commitment.
What will you do?
Let this be a lightning bolt which wakes us up and calls us forward.
Let’s rise.
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