Creating footprints of love

It’s easy to put our focus on those people over there who are ruining our world.

And yet the world changes when we look in our own mirrors.

It changes when we change.
It’s up to all of us to take action grounded in love, when it can be easy to fall into the grip of fear and powerlessness.
How will you engage with the world this week and make a difference?
How will you evoke change, however small, and in doing so send a ripple out into the world?
How are you contributing to the balance of love over fear?

Like the love equivalent of a carbon footprint. And it’s not enough just to be neutral. 

Maybe it means signing up for that volunteering opportunity you’ve been meaning to do for ages.
Or apologising to the shop assistant or your partner when you snap at them after a long day.
Or learning about key issues that people in your community are experiencing, and doing one thing to lessen their burden.
It might be sending a thank you card to your child’s teacher so they know how appreciated they are.
Or acknowledging the privilege you’ve been afforded by a particular attribute, not to feel guilty but as a platform for education and change.
Guerrilla acts of kindness, big or small. It all has an impact. It matters.
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