Shelagh photoJess, what happened when I began coaching with you is nothing short of amazing. Your technique is like no other I have encountered in many years of working with coaches. Your infectious enthusiasm, sharp observations and belief helped me open my eyes and see what was right in front of me, and ultimately discover what I wanted to do.

Your approach is contagious and yet graceful. You helped me hold on to my dream, wrap it up and enjoy it; and not let any of the doubts that burdened me get in the way. Thank you so much – you are a breath of fresh air, a great coach and an inspiration.”

Shelagh Corrigan, learning & development expert, dog aficionado

I started coaching with Jess when faced with some difficult personal issues and life choices. In the past, I’ve always turned to family and friends for support and advice. I put myself in the ‘therapy isn’t for me’ basket. But after seeing Jess for a few months, I really get the value of speaking to someone who is objective and experienced. She’s been able to offer me practical advice and lots of support, and recommend some great techniques.

What strikes me most is Jess’ genuine desire to help people. She prepares and invests in each session. I find my time with her truly worthwhile.

Kate Williams, journalist, world traveller


Nicole photoYou are a highly intuitive and skilled coach. You bring energy, peace and clarity to every session with your  expansive and energetic style. Working with you has enhanced my effectiveness particularly as a social entrepreneur, helping me to overcome obstacles and stay rooted in my vision. Never has such hard work been coupled with such ease!

Our work together has led me to places – internally and externally – that I would otherwise not have been aware of, nor as well-equipped for. Thank you for everything – I honestly can’t imagine this journey without you.”

Nicole Berg, social entrepreneur, writer, life coach




chrissy“Before I started coaching with Jess I was completely over-whelmed about what to do in regards to my career. I had spoken to friends, family and colleagues about my dilemma: whether to take the easy route and stay in my current industry or to try something different. If the latter though, what would that be? I was convinced that I could work it out myself but after much deliberation and restless nights, I booked in for a session, deciding that the worst thing I stood to lose was an hour of my time. I was very apprehensive beforehand and felt silly going as I had no idea what to expect and didn’t have any specific questions to ask apart from “where to from here?”, which just seemed ridiculous.

Jess was incredibly welcoming and friendly and her kind-hearted nature made me feel instantly relaxed. The session flew by and for the first time in months, I had clarity on how to approach my next move. I walked out of our session with a skip in my step and as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt like my old self again – only this time with a clear direction!

Fast forward a few months and I am beyond excited to be following my passion. Jess has an extremely professional manner and an absolute talent for what she does. I would highly recommend her; not just for career advice but for coaching on life in general!

Christina Henderson, marketing guru, foodie


Jess, you are a delight to work with. You blends lots of humour with strong empathy and an ability to relate on a very deep level. Every coaching session is surprising and different, and your style is encouraging, relaxed and supportive.

I was initially really hesitant to commit my time and money to this, but working with you has surpassed my expectations in every way. Through our sessions I’ve been able to unravel and release entrenched subconscious patterns that I’ve struggled with for so long. This has allowed me to move forward in a way that I had never imagined would be possible!

Caroline Tidman, physiology student, carer, career shifter