Steer gently into the skid


About 10 years ago I was driving Foxy* through the Toowong roundabouts in Bris.

It was pouring rain and as I entered the roundabout the back wheels started spinning and I was suddenly fishtailing my way across two lanes of traffic totally out of control.

Luckily Dad’s endless intonations from when we were learning to drive filled my head.

If you feel the wheels start spinning, don’t react. Steer gently into the skid. The worst thing you can do is slam on the brakes or yank the steering wheel in the other direction – the resistance feeds the problem.

That advice holds true for bad moods and feelings too.

When we feel like shit, we tend to panic. We try desperately to correct, to slam on the metaphorical breaks and resist the feeling. We numb out with food or criticise ourselves or unload on others.

And in our quest to ‘make it better’ we make it worse.

The trick is to stay with it, turning in instead of away. Trusting our inbuilt ability to right ourselves.

And allowing our moods and feelings to pass through without attachment or judgement.

*Foxy = my bright purple 4WD Toyota hilux. I know! 🙂

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