When something’s going ‘too’ well

‘Where’s the catch?’

‘It’s too good to be true.’

Anyone else get that autopilot response when things are going too well?

When something we’ve struggled with for so long comes to fruition and it’s as unsettling as it is incredible?

It can be absolutely petrifying to trust the good stuff.

As one of my favourite authors Brene Brown writes, joy is the hardest emotion to experience.

Because often immediately behind joy comes a sense of foreboding. Of worry and unease about what might go wrong.

And so we tend to dress rehearse tragedy in our minds in a useless attempt to protect ourselves from what’s ahead.

So what to do?

Know that preparing for the worst doesn’t make it any easier if it does indeed come.

Remember that 99% of things we worry about never actually come true.

And realise that joy can be practiced. That we can train ourselves to open our hearts and stay with the good, even when it’s scary.

Even when we don’t know what’s ahead.

One of the best ways I’ve found to stay in the moment with joy is an affirmation adapted from Gay Hendrick’s book The Big Leap.

I use it whenever that sense of foreboding starts to creeps in.

I expand in love, joy and abundance, as I inspire those around me to do the same.

Breathe and repeat.

Because if something’s too good to be true … embrace the hell out of it. 

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