Women, wake up: A call to rise against body judgement

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Women, wake up.

There is life to be lived.

There is soft, powdery sand to sink your feet into.

There is the sweetest, freshest pineapple to taste.

There is the feeling of your baby’s skin pressed against your cheek.

There is wild freedom as you dance outrageously to your favourite song.

There is deep connection and intimacy as you look into the eyes of another.

Your wild and precious life. It’s here. In this moment.

As you are right now, with your perfectly imperfect body, in all your glory, with your cellulite or jiggly arms or soft tummy or whatever other body part you’ve been taught to hate.

Please, don’t miss it.

Don’t lose the sweetness of life’s everyday moments because of some manufactured misguided programming about what your body is supposed to look like.

For god’s sake.

Don’t miss it.

Don’t waste another precious moment wanting different, smaller, better. Lamenting what is.

Let’s take a stand against this old story of body hatred and obsession that has never served us.

A conditioning so abhorrently powerful that one of the world’s most influential, successful and inspirational women still feels not good enough because of her weight.

In a world where 42% of 6-8 year olds wish they were thinner, and are writing ‘diyet’ plans before they can even spell the word.

Change begins with us.

In the coffee shops. At the gym. On the beach. In the mirror.

The way we talk to ourselves. The way we comment about others. Our priorities before big events and milestones. The way we choose to spend our moments.

Our moments are too precious to be lost to body obsession.

Our lives are too precious.

Women, wake up.


*This piece is the first in a series of posts exploring body acceptance and self-love. Watch this space for practical steps to move towards body positivity. x

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