Come home to your body

Come home to your body

From stuck and numb to joyful and alive

Heal your relationship with your body


Some of my clients come to me having been uncomfortable and unhappy in their bodies for as long as they can remember. Others are living with the impact of past experiences including sexual abuse, domestic violence or traumatic births. Some are in the midst of or have been through eating disorders, drug or alcohol addictions or self-harm patterns.

Many have spent years in therapy and others have never once breathed a word about their experiences to anyone.


What they have in common is a sense of disconnection from their beautiful bodies. And a sense that maybe, just maybe, it could be different.

A yearning for Peace. Freedom. Aliveness.

What happens when we’re disconnected from our bodies? You might find yourself:

  • feeling deep shame about your body and your experiences
  • being overly attached or highly withdrawn in your relationships
  • feeling like you’re a talking head, numb from the neck down
  • disowning your sexuality and femininity
  • not trusting or finding it hard to tell when you’re hungry, exhausted etc
  • having an uneasy or difficult relationship with food or exercise
  • feeling out of touch with your natural creativity and joie de vivre


I experienced all of these and more during the 20+ years I spent disowning and hating my body, including years battling binge eating disorder and bulimia. I often felt that my experiences would define me forever and that I’d never find peace with my body and my past.

Thankfully I now know how wrong I was.



It doesn’t matter what your personal brand of experience is or has been. No matter how long you’ve battled or how much shame you have. No matter how affected or wounded you feel.

You are not broken.
Your experiences do not define you.

And body trust is available to all of us. 

Let’s heal your relationship with your body so you can:

  • Joyfully let go of destructive and extreme habits
  • Let your intuition guide you to health and wellbeing
  • Enjoy and appreciate your body
  • Embody your innate sensuality, femininity and creativity
  • Thrive beyond past experiences and dance into your future

“You make me feel very safe and that trust and safety has been the cornerstone of our work. You have done so much for me and changed my life beyond what I could dream.  I now LOVE my body. I now feel sexual and sensual. I have more confidence and I am more at peace with what has happened to me. I don’t know if I can convey the magnitude of what our work together has meant for me.”


Has this lit a spark of hope in your heart? Let’s arrange a one-hour confidential call (no charge) so I can share with you my Pathway to Body Trust and we can map your personal plan towards body freedom.