Ignite your Light

Ignite your Light: transformative coaching

You + me. Three months. Deep, powerful life coaching sessions to transform your life or business.

Not that your life isn’t pretty great already by most people’s standards. Especially in light of what’s going on in the world right now. You know you’re one of the lucky few.

And yet.

You don’t feel as amazing on the inside as your life might seem on the outside.

You know you sometimes hold yourself back with endless worry and self-doubt.

You wonder if you’re missing that confidence gene that the inspiring woman you watched at that  seminar obviously has in spades. Maybe you’ve done self-development work in the past and it’s helped but…

You still find yourself:

  • With an inner radio jammed on self-criticism station
  • Moonlighting as a mind-reader, worrying about what others think of you
  • Procrastinating like nobody’s business
  • Agonising over decisions
  • Feeling knots in your stomach about things you know you shouldn’t be anxious about … and then berating yourself for being so silly
  • Feeling like it shouldn’t be this hard

Want a better way? Let’s do this together.

‘Jess, you are amazing, crazy, limitless, exciting, fun, and lovely. You make me feel very safe and you open so many possibilities for me. I know I was resistant and sceptical at first however, trust was built very quickly and easily by you. I am so glad I met you and it’s simply been the best and most rewarding few months.’ – Tanya Street

We’ll have two sessions each month via video call or in person in a beautiful setting in Brisbane, and you’ll also have unlimited email and whatsapp support.

Through our work together you will:

  • Walk the path to lasting, genuine confidence: We’ll dispel some of the myths around where confidence actually comes from and what it means to truly trust yourself no matter the situation
  • Connect to your inner wisdom: You’ll be reconnected to your amazing inner source of power, wisdom and intuition
  • Free yourself from blocks: We’ll look at what’s holding you back and transform your blocks, including any past experiences and destructive habits
  • Get clear on your vision: You’ll reflect on what you really, truly want – rather than what society has told you to want, or what you think you should want

So that you can:

  • Replace self-criticism and worry with inner peace
  • Experience a sense of inner confidence even in the most unsettling of situations
  • Make decisions with ease
  • Take inspired action towards the life (or business) you want

‘You are breath of fresh air, a great coach and an inspiration.’ – Shelagh Corrigan

There’s a myth that lasting change is a slog. A slow-going, serious, sometimes painful process.

I call BS. Life-changing insights, the type that shift everything, can happen just like that – when we open to them.

When we make the space to connect with our inner wisdom, our joy, our creativity.

Sound awesome? Want to know more?

Let’s arrange a call (no charge) to find out if working together is a hell yes for both of us.